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Note: To all those who have posted their suggested answers to some of the questions on these pages in the shm newsgroup. You are NOT being ignored. If you don't see your answer here, PLEASE let me know. It means that your post has gotten lost.

Part I: General Concepts:
Part II: Specific Ideas:
Part III: Soc.history.medieval, its customs and legends:
Part IV: Soc.history.medieval Photo Gallery
Here you will find pictures of some of our regulars
Part V: Bibliographies
Part VI: Book and Magazine Reviews
Part VII: Monographs
These articles are written and submitted by individual readers of soc.history.medieval and/or these pages. Monographs such as these are the result of the author's personal research and interpretation, and do not necessarily agree with the site owner, "authoritative" sources, or even other authors.
Part VIII: Additional Links

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