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Part VIII: Additional Links

Bayeaux Tapestry:
The Bayeaux Tapestry is an embroidery work that is about 20"x230'. It was apparently intended to tell, in a pictorial manner, the events that caused the Battle of Hastings, as well as telling of the battle itself.

Below is listed only a few of the many sites dedicated to the tapestry.

The Bayeux Tapestry
This site has the tapestry broken down into 34 gifs each of which depict a 2.25 yard segment of the tapestry as well as a 35th gif that depicts the remaining lesser segment that is the end of the tapestry.
Invasion of England, 1066
Gives a fairly brief history of the Battle of Hastings as a lead in to describing the tapestry, with interpretations of each panel.
The Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Invasion of England
While this site is a self proclaimed "British Online Travel Magazine", the site's creator seems to have taken great pains with his section on the tapestry.

Medieval Architecture/Historical Sites
Castles Abbeys and Medieval Buildings
To quote from the site itself, "These pages are a record of castles, abbeys, churches, manor houses and all types of medieval buildings I have visited and photographed in England." The "I" in question is Michael W. Cook, and his photographs are definitely worth visiting the site.
Welcome To La Rioja, Spain.
This site is an MSN Groups site dedictaed to the Medieval Castles of La Rioja, Spain. The site has very nicely done photographs of the various castles of this region. Please note: The information about each castle is in Spanish. However, even if you can't read Spanish, you will definitely enjoy the images.
Spanish History
El Camino de Santiago en La Rioja
This a site about the Pilgrim's Route to Santiago de Compostela through La Rioja, Spain. The one downside to this site is that while it looks to be a very informative site, if you can't read Spanish, you won't be able to get much from it. If, however, you can read Spanish, enjoy.
Non-European History Links -- Ottoman Empire
Archives of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic
The National Archives of Turkey has made these archives searchable online. The service is free, but you must register first. Currently access is in Turkish only.
General Information Links
Richard III Society
Bibliography links. Specifically, a "Bibliography on Selected Ricardian Topics" with links to various articles and websites, as well as a listing of books and documents that may not be found on the web, but at your local "brick and mortar" college, university and/or library. The majority of the listings here are in fact of the latter type. Beautifully done and extremely informative as to what is available.
The ORB: On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies Home Page
This is an academic site. The content is written and maintained by medieval scholars using peer review judging for articles appearing therein.
The ORB Medieval Studies for the Nonspecialist: A Guide to Online Resources
Links for those who want to learn the facts behind the various movies, television representations and historical fictions about the Middle Ages.
The British Public Library Catalogue
A link to the public catalog of the British Library

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