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Part IV: Bibliographies


Anglo-Saxon England



Roman/Saxon transition

Norman Conquest (and late period)

European Context


Legal History



Palaeographic Studies

Collected Papers

Primary Sources (translated)

Primary Sources (Old English or Latin)

Early Scandinavia


Maritime History

Early Scandinavia

Medieval Agriculture


Medieval Bohemia

  • Gothic Painting in Bohemia, Matéjcek, Antonin and Jaroslav Pesina
  • Czechoslovakia: Romanesque and Gothic Illuminated Manuscripts, Kvet, Jan (Preface by Swarzenski, Hanns), UNESCO and New York Graphic Society, 1959
    a more accessible introduction
  • Literature
  • Die Literatur des Mittelalters in Bohmen, Winfried Baumann, Munchen/Wien,Oldenbourg, 1978
    I think this has the stuff translated.
  • Anthology of Czech Literature, Walter Schamschula, Frankfurt/New York, P.Lang, 1990
    Certainly does, and into English.
  • Music
    General Information
    There are some CDs out now by Czech groups doing medieval and renaissance music of Bohemia (usually called something like 'Medieval and Renaissance music of Bohemia'), and there was a good deal of interaction between German culture (such as minnesanger) and the Bohemian court. Ulrich von Etzenbach (author of "Alexander" and "Duke Ernst") was supposed to have been there ca. 1290.

    Medieval Music

    NOTE: This section includes some books in German.


    Urban History



    Specific Places


    Bibliography Links
    http://www.r3.org/biblio.html -- Richard III Society
    http://the-orb.net -- links to a range of scholarly bibliographies
    http://www.the-orb.net/media.html -- Medieval Studies for the Nonspecialist -- A Guide to Online References


    Author Title
    Byrd, Elizabeth Flowers of the Forest
    Chaucer, Geoffrey Canterbury Tales
    Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur Sir Nigel
    The White Company
    Dunnett, Dorothy Game of Kings
    Eco, Umberto The Name of the Rose
    Flesh & Blood
    Finney, Patricia Firedrake's Eye
    Unicorn's Blood
    Follett, Ken Pillars of Earth
    Frazer, Margaret The Novice's Tale
    The Servant's Tale
    The Outlaw's Tale
    The Bishop's Tale
    The Boy's Tale
    The Murderer's Tale
    The Prioress' Tale
    The Maiden's Tale
    The Reeve's Tale
    The Squire's Tale
    The Clerk's Tale
    The Bastard's Tale
    Gentle, Mary Ash - A secret History
    Golding, William The Spire
    Hall, Daniel Passage to Arms
    The Road to Crecy
       (alternate title: Kempe: The Road to Crecy
    Holland, Cecila The Earl
    The Firedrake
    Kings in Winter
    Jecks, Michael
    [published in the
    UK only, at this time]
    The Last Templar
    The Merchant's Partner
    A Moorland Hanging
    The Crediton Killings
    The Abbot's Gibbet
    Squire Thornleigh's Heir
    The Leper's Return
    Belladonna at Belstone
    The Traitor of St. Giles
    The Boy Bishop's Glovemaker
    Tournament of Blood
    the Sticklepath Stangler
    The Devil's Acolyte
    The Mad Monk of Gidleigh
    Jennings, Gary Raptor
    Lytton, Bulwer The Last of the Barons
    Marston, Edward
    also published as:
    Inigo, Martin
    Miles, Keith
    Written as Edward Marston

        Domesday Mysteries
    The Wolves of Savernake
    The Ravens of Blackwater
    The Dragons of Archenfield
    The Lions of the North
    The Serpents of Harbledown
    The Stallions of Woodstock
    The Hawks of Delamere
    The Wildcats Of Exeter
    The Foxes of Warwick
    The Owls Of Gloucester
        Elizabethan Theater Mysteries
    The Queen's Head
    The Merry Devils
    The Trip to Jerusalem
    The Nine Giants
    The Mad Courtesan
    The Silent Woman
    The Roaring Boy
    The Laughing Hangman
    The Fair Maid of Bohemia
    The Wanton Angel
    The Devil's Apprentice
    The Bawdy Basket
    "A Black Death" - ROYAL CRIMES
    "Murder Mid-Atlantic" - MALICE DOMESTIC 6
    "The Corbett Correspondence" - MALICE DOMESTIC 6
    "Murder At Anchor" - CRIME THROUGH TIME
    "Murder and Miracles" - PAST CRIMES: PERFECTLY CRIMINAL
    "Doomsday Deferred" - CRIME THROUGH TIME II
    "Psalm for a Dead Disciple" - PAST POISONS
    "War Hath Made All Friends" - SHAKESPEAREAN DETECTIVES
    "Perfect Shadows" - ROYAL WHODUNITS
    "A Gift from God" - MURDER MOST MEDIEVAL
    "The Shoulder-Blade of a Ram" - MURDER THROUGH THE AGES
    "Sea Horse" - DEATH BY HOROSCOPE
    Written As Martin Inigo
    Stone Dead
    Touch Play
    Written As Keith Miles

        Alan Saxton Mysteries:
    Bullet Hole
    Double Eagle
    Green Murder
        Merlin Richards Mysteries:
    Murder in Perspective
    Saint's Rest
    Newman, Sharan Death Comes as Epiphany
    The Devil's Door
    The Wandering Arm
    Strong as Death
    Cursed in the Blood
    The Difficult Saint
    To Wear the White Cloak
    Penman, Sharon Kay Cruel As The Grave
    Here Be Dragons
    Falls The Shadow
    The Reckoning
    The Sunne In Splendour
    When Christ and His Saints Slept
    Peters, Ellis also published as:
    Benedict, Peter
    Carr, Jolyon
    Pargeter, Edith (Real Name)
    Redfern, John
    Written as Ellis Peters

        The Chonicles of Brother Cadfael
    A Morbid Taste for Bones
    One Corpse Too Many
    St. Peter's Fair
    The Leper of Saint Giles
    The Virgin in the Ice
    The Sanctuary Sparrow
    The Devil's Novice
    Dead Man's Ransom
    The Pilgrim of Hate
    An Excellent Mystery
    The Raven in the Foregate
    The Rose Rent
    The Hermit of Eyton Forest
    The Confession of Brother Haluin
    The Heretic's Apprentice
    The Potter's Field
    The Summer of the Danes
    The Holy Thief
    Brother Cadfael's Penance
    A Rare Benedictine (Short stories)
        The Heaven Tree Trilogy
    The Heaven Tree
    The Green Branch
    The Scarlet Seed
    The Brothers of Gwynedd
    Sunrise in the West
    The Dragon at Noonday
    The Hounds of Sunset
    Afterglow and Nightfall
    Plaidy, Jean Anything written by her
    Rathbone, Julian Kings of Albion
    The Last English King
    Robb, Candace M.     Owen Archer series:
    The Apothecary Rose
    The Lady Chapel
    The Nun's Tale
    The King's Bishop
    The Riddle of St. Leonard's
    A Gift of Sanctuary
    A Spy for the Redeemer
    The Cross-Legged Knight
        Margaret Kerr series:
    A Trust Betrayed
    The Fire in the Flint
    Rutherfurd, Edward London
    Seton, Anya Katherine
    Sutcliffe, Rosemary The Shield Ring
    Knights Fee
    Dawn Wind
    Sword at Sunset
    The Lantern Bearers
    A Saxon Settler
    The Witch's Brat
    Blood Feud
    The Light beyond the Forest: The Quest for the Holy Grail
    The Sword and the Circle: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
    The Road to Camlann: The Death of King Arthur
    The Chronicles of Robin Hood
    Dragon Slayer
    Heroes and History
    Tristan and Iseult
    Tey, Josephine The Daughter of Time
    Tremayne, Peter     Sister Fidelma Mysteries
    Absolution By Murder
    Shroud For the Archbishop
    Suffer Little Children
    The Subtle Serpent
    The Spider's Web
    Valley of the Shadow
    The Monk Who Vanished
    Act of Mercy
    Our Lady of Darkness
    Smoke In the Wind
    The Haunted Abbot
    Badger's Moon
        Sister Fidelma Short Stories
    Hemlock At Vespers
    Whispers of the Dead
    Van Gulik, Robert
    China c. 660's-670's

    Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee
    Chinese Bell Murders
    Chinese Gold Murders
    Chinese Lake Murders
    Chinese Maze Murders
    Chinese Nail Murders
    Emporer's Pearl
    Haunted Monestary
    Judge Dee at Work
    Lacquer Screen
    Monkey and the Tiger
    Murder in Canton
    Necklace and Calabash
    Phantom of the Temple
    Poets and Murder
    Red Pavilion
    Willow Pattern
    Whyte, Jack The Sky Stone
    The Singing Sword (ISBN 0-812-55139-7)

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    Robert Barrett <rbarrett@dept.english.upenn.edu>
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