Book Review: The Forms of Action at Common Law

Reviewer: Joe Rooney

Title: The Forms of Action at Common Law
Author: F. W. Maitland
Publisher: Not Given
ISBN: Not Given

This book is a reprint of a series of lectures which were first published in 1909, three years after Maitland's death. It provides a brief (66 pages) overview of the development of the common law forms of action. Maitland's clear, precise writing style makes this work rather easy to comprehend, even for someone who has no legal background. In short, it is an excellent introduction to English legal history, which should whet the appetite of the reader for more.

While Maitland wrote at the turn of the century, he is still a respected name in the legal historical community. His work has been superceded on some points. Yet he remains relevant to discussions of legal history today simply because modern legal historians refer to his work, either to support their own theories or to disagree with his. Thus this brief volume is an excellent introduction into the complex world of the common law.

Reviewer Rating: 4-Good

Original review posted: 2000/11/05

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